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Let’s automate your office!

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We work with you and the tools within a standard Office365 license to create apps, automations, dashboards and systems that allow you to focus on what makes you great.

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Our Experience

With a background in process improvement and experience across a range of sectors, Automate Office has years of experience developing inside the Microsoft Suite, using process automation to remove 1000's of hours of admin time.

From employee onboarding standardisation to quoting and internal requests/approvals, we use lean process thinking to create process improvements that work for YOU.

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Our automations take days and weeks (with some out of the box) instead of years and months. We listen to what you need and make the tool that fits your requirements instead of what we think you want.

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Want a teams chat bot that gets your staff to the right place every time?
Need an automated process to remove that manual task?
Need a space to safely collaborate with internal and external parties?
Need a document approval portal and process?
Need an app to collect data in the field that instantly sends information back to the office and vice versa?
Need a quick proof of concept for that big idea to show the board?

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Contact us now to discuss any of these, or just say hi, understand the art of the possible and get the creative juices flowing.

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